About Us

BYA was established in July.2005, which is a joint venture consisting of BinZhou YaTai Power Parts Co., Ltd (Yatai as an abbreviation) and Art Metal MFG.Co., Ltd (ART as an abbreviation). BYA is in the midst of the beautiful fertile Yellow River Delta, surrounded by the cradleland of the Confucianism and Art of War.
YaTai is a specialized manufacturer of Ring Carrier Inserts (ALFIN Rings), which are made of NI-resist and are casted into aluminum alloy piston. YaTtai has designed several new types of ALFIN Rings and owns the patents of the designs and also established the sole ALFIN Ring Institute in China. YaTai have obtained the quality system certification of ISO9002 standard and TS16949, which regulates company's quality management reaching to the international level. Now all the procedures such as R&D, Purchasing of material, Manufacturing, Delivering, After-sales Service, etc. are carried on according to these standards strictly.
ART is the biggest piston manufacturer in Japan, which produces over 42 million pistons per year, and the products are known throughout the world for its originality, quality and preciseness. ART has established two foreign joint ventures. One in Thailand, Art-Serina Piston Co., Ltd, in 1947 and the other in China, An Qing Art TP Piston Co., Ltd, in 2002. ART has always been active in international marketing, sending sales engineers overseas and exchanging technology with industries all over the world.

"Success is the sum of the small efforts; Oceans are the sum of the small brooks" is the management idea of BYA. By drawing advanced technology from each parent company, BYA is growing up into a most competitive enterprise in China. By surpassing the expectations of customers through constant innovation and breakthrough, BYA is becoming a most reliable enterprise. We are aiming to provide our products with no defects as to become one of the world's best auto fittings manufacturer.

  • 5000+

    registered capital 5000 Ten thousand yuan

  • 26+

    26 national patents in the industry

  • 2000+

    annual production capacity 2000 More than ten thousand

  • 100+

    More than 100 existing employees

  • 30+

    More than 30 technical personnel


Business Philosophy
Success is the sum of the small efforts; Oceans are the sum of the small brooks.

Managerial Principle
Absorbing advanced technology and management, to be the most competitive enterprise. Achieving innovation and breakthrough continuously, surpassing the expectation of customer, to be the most reliable partner. Being people-oriented, cherishing the environment, to contribute to the development of our society.

Quality Policy

The satisfaction of our customer is the ultimate target of BYA.

Quality Target
Zero defect products, zero customer complain

Corporate Style

Corporate Style

Corporate Style

Corporate Style

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Corporate Style

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